Class 5 Public community Blog
  • Friday 14th February (Mrs L Cochrane)

    Whoosh!  There was a half term!  Time is flying!  Thank you to the children for all their hard work this term so far.  Apologies for the brief blog.  Unfortunately, I have not been in school today so don’t have all the information to hand.

    Well done to Amelia who was our star mathematican this week; lots of extra maths done at home and some excellent reasoning in class too. 

    Boys will have forest schools on 26th Feb and 4th March.  Please come in warm out door clothes including layers and waterproofs with uniform to change into afterwards.  Mrs Eva had an excellent session with them this week.  We will be swimming from the first week back (Friday 28th February).

    As part of our young leaders award we will be holding a cake sale to raise money for our New Horizon’s project.  This will be on Tuesday 3rd March at playtimes and after school.  If you are able to donate any cakes that would be brilliant.  Additionally, the children have come up with a selection of ideas to improve our local community and we are trying to source the following:

    • Small plastic bottles (e.g. water bottles)
    • Large 2litre plastic bottles
    • Bird seed
    • Dog waste bags
    • Children’s books in good condition to sell
    • Plant pots, any size
    • Flower seeds
    • Compost

    If you are able to help us with any of the above, we would, as ever, be most grateful.

    Over the holidays keep reading, can anyone recommend a good book to a friend?

    Have a great half term holiday and a great rest

    Mrs Cochrane and the year 5 team

  • Friday 7th February (Mrs L Cochrane)

    Thank you to those parents who joined us for this afternoon’s brass recital; we hope you enjoyed it as much as the children enjoyed performing it.  It was an exciting afternoon with the performance and the cricket session.  These cricket sessions are proving to be very popular with the children.   They are really engaging with the different drills and activities that are being provided. 

    The plague cottage drawings are complete and I have to admit I am extremely impressed with the quality of the work.  I will try to put some on the blog for you to see. Children worked so hard on creating perspective and tone.  Really, really great work.

    We have worked on some utterly hideous plague cures this week; some revolting ingredients have been included but all in all the instructions are looking pretty good.  We have used the Kahoot quizzes to revise the features of an instructional text and class 5 are confident with what needs to be included.  We have also used these quizzes in science where we are starting to learn the new vocabulary for our materials topic.  This is a brilliant unit – my personal favourite -we will be doing lots of experiments and scientific thinking.

    In maths we have started fractions.  This unit will run for about 6 weeks, so lots to learn.  We have started with equivalent fractions and improper fractions.  Not everyone has found this easy.  I have set some tasks on mathletics that should help to consolidate this.  Please encourage your child not to panic if they find it tricky, we have plenty of time.  Good knowledge of times tables is essential for understanding in this topic.  If you know your child is a little shaky on some tables please encourage them onto TTRS to practise.  I gave out some optional practise slips at home time.  There will be merits for any returned but this is not compulsory.

    Lois was our star writer this week; writing a brilliant piece about her experiences at Young Voices.  A huge well done to Lois.  Mathletics certificates today for Isla, Katie, Amelia, Soren and Kieran P, all of whom have earnt over 1000 points.  The reading raffle was won by Fin!  Well done to everyone who is really committing to reading at home.   There are many incentives to read regularly at home, please try to do this as much as possible.  We are striving for 30 tickets in the raffle! Year six are nearly there!surprise

    Homework is as follows

    • 10 mins of reading five times per week
    • 1000 points on Mathletics, weekly
    • Spelling practise for test each Wednesday

    Have a great weekend

    Mrs Cochrane, Miss Daley and Mrs Clayton