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The work of the Governing Body.

The work of the Governing Body in a school covers three core functions:

  • Ensuring that the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school are clearly defined
  • Ensuring that the headteacher carries out his/her responsibilities for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  • Ensuring that the school’s financial resources are used properly and effectively

These key functions apply to all different kinds of schools.  The reality for All Saints’ is that the governors work in partnership with the headteacher and staff to provide the best possible education they can for the children who attend our school. All the governors take their responsibilities very seriously and want to do all they can to help make All Saints’ the best school it can be.

Meetings of the Governing Body

Currently, the school holds one full Governing Body meeting each term and this normally takes place in the second half of each term. A range of Committee meetings take place in the first half of the term and key points from these meetings are reported to the full Governing Body.  Membership of committees is reviewed on an annual basis, and governors generally join a committee in which they have a particular interest or can contribute some specific expertise.

Governing Body meetings are attended by all governors and are informed by a termly report provided by the headteacher.  A wide range of agenda items is covered, including those which relate to the statutory duties of the Governing Body.  Briefing Papers provided by the Local Authority are circulated in advance of the meeting and help to inform the discussions which take place.

Governor Training and Development

The world of education is a fast-changing one, and governors are very aware of the need to keep themselves up-to-date in terms of their role, and the expectations placed upon them.  The school buys in to the Local Authority’s Training and Development provision, and governors from All Saints’ attend the training sessions which are most relevant to them. 

In addition to attending these central training sessions, where there are opportunities to meet governors from other schools, the Governing Body at All Saints’ also organises its own training sessions which are held at the school.  These sessions offer an opportunity to consider the development needs of the Governing Body as a whole, and provide a chance for governors of the school to meet together without the pressure of a business agenda.  The sessions are usually led by one or more of the governors with experience of training and development.

Class Governor Friends

It is not the role of governors to act as inspectors, but governors are encouraged to visit the school as often as they can.  This helps governors to become more knowledgeable about the work of the school, and to have an accurate picture of the strengths of the school and the areas for development. 

For a number of years now, we have had “Class Governor Friends” for each of the classes at All Saints’.  As far as possible, Class Governor Friends remain with their classes as they progress through the school, so that they get to know the children well and provide them with a direct link to the Governing Body.  Class Governor Friends try and visit their classes once each term (or more frequently if they are able to) in order to find out about some of the topics the children are learning and to see teaching and learning at All Saints’ in action !

Steering Committee

Together with the headteacher, this committee consists of the Chair, Vice Chair, Training and Development Governor and the Chairs of any of the other committees.  It meets at the beginning of each term to discuss and agree the priorities for the term and to delegate activities for each of the committees to deal with.

Curriculum Committee

This committee looks at issues of teaching and learning and receives regular reports on the progress and achievement of the children.  Any changes to the curriculum which is offered to the children are considered at these meetings and the performance of the school in relation to national standards is explored and discussed. 

Resources Committee

This committee regularly reviews the school’s budget situation and considers if money is being spent in the most efficient way possible.  Issues relating to the school building and its fabric are constantly discussed in order to ensure that staff and children are provided with an environment which is safe and welcoming.

Christian Ethos Committee

All Saints’ is a church school and receives regular church school inspections, in addition to the OfSTED inspections which take place in all schools.  This committee looks at how the Christian distinctiveness of the school can be maintained and developed, with a particular focus on Collective Worship and Religious Education.