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Pupil Parliament

The All Saints’ Pupil Parliament work incredibly hard all year round to make sure their school is the very best it can be. They take great pride in their roles and are very good at listening to their classmates’ ideas and suggestions and discussing them during our meetings.

So far this year we have worked with our school cook, Sylvia, to improve our school dinners. The children found that there weren’t many options for vegetarians and when they raised the issue with Sylvia she was very happy to adapt the menu. The children also voted on a new delicious menu and Sylvia was very grateful for their input.

Other great ideas the school council have implemented include:

  • Rewarding our ‘Always Children’ with a special ‘Always Time’ every three weeks.
  • A child-led lunchtime club for all children - Magical Minions!
  • Designing a new pot of gold postcard for children to take home when they have been on the pot of gold 3 times.
  • Voting for Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity and the RSPCA as the charities our school will support.

Here is what our Pupil Parliament members have to say…

“I love being a school council member because people can tell me their ideas and I can bring those ideas to be discussed at a school council meeting.” Leona

“I like bringing suggestions from my class to meetings as when we respond to their ideas they trust me on important problems. I also like voting on important decisions.” Libby

“I feel very proud to be helping my school. I hope this school has the best year ever due to our ideas.” Alex

“I like being a pupil pariament member as I get to vote on important decisions like how to improve our school dinners!” Keane

“I love wearing my school council badge around school so that people know they can share their good ideas with me.” Jacob

“I like voting and thinking of new clubs. I really enjoyed magic club” Katie

“I love thinking about ideas for the school and being the one my class can trust. I like solving problems and helping others.” Maddy

“I’m happy that I’m a school council member because if you want to do something for the school then the next meeting you bring it up and it happens. I also like it because it means that my class know that they can trust me and they trust me to vote fairly.” Naomi 

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